Sunday, August 26, 2018

Piles of Smiles Boy

With Fall fast approaching, Mother Nature
is changing her pallet of colors.

For this project, is used the file

I duplicated and enlarged all of the leaves (about 50
I think). I covered an 11 x 11 inch of chipboard 
(reason for 11 and not 12 inch is so that if I don't get
the 12 x 12-inch paper lined up perfect, I can trim the edges
to make it look perfect)
with a fall colored paper and glued it to the chipboard
and made an envelope with 3 pieces of 3 x 11 inch
cardstock scored every 3/4 inch.
The large leaves are placed in a small box near the
envelope with a pencil.
Throughout time, people can write
positive thoughts or compliments for one another
that can later be read together at
a designated time.

Seashell Girl with Seashell title

Are you a beach lover with beach memories?
Check out this cute file, Seashells - Girl and title.
Also, along with the beach them, I have used 
I'm Beached for a bit of 
whimsical charm.

The background paper is from one of DCWV's pads.

Two more cute learning games

The first is "Pin the Trunk to the Elephant."
I used the file, Pudgie Palz - Elephant to
create it.
I enlarged the pieces as big as I could and still fit on the mat.
I then duplicated the trunk 9 more ties and
cut each one out of a different color of
heavy cardstock.
The teacher or parent can adapt the game to fit their need.

For the second game, I used the file,
Within the Cuddly Cute Designs, the main characters
are usually the complete character so the
can be used in more than the way
is showed in the sample picture showed in the file.
I duplicated the worms, made them smaller, and put them in as decorations on the game board. I also
duplicated the apple and used it
as placeholders on the game board.
This game is also adaptable.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

CutieKins are "fall"ing all around us!

I was in the mood for a different "cooler" season when
I designed these 3 layouts.
I used CutieKins - Fall, CutieKins - Indians, and CutieKins - Thanksgiving in designing these layouts.
They were so much fun to make.

Can't wait to see what you make!

Career Cuties - Firemen

There are soooo many fires burning in our states right now.
I think our state is finally down to 5. One is not
expected to be contained until September and has
been earning for 2 weeks or so.

My projects for this week are in honor of those firefighters
that are risking their lives for us every day.
One of our dear firefighters in Utah, Chief Burchett,
volunteered to go and help firefighters in California.
While on the line, Chief Burchett lost his life.

I have used the file Career Cuties - Firefighters to
create a card and a layout honoring
Chief Burchett and other firefighters for
their service and sacrifice.

(The large hat with Chief Burchett's name on it that I put on the card came from an SVG found on Google.)

Fire Puppy Pal

Do you have a loved one that is a firefighter?
a retired fireman?

My father in law retired from firefighting in the
California area.
The file Fire Puppy Pal makes a cute page to honor
that wonderful firefighter.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Teaching aids from Cuddly Cute Designs

I'm excited to share some fun teaching aids that I made
using files from Cuddly Cute Designs.

I used to be a public school teacher and I miss the
experiences that teaching has.
A dear friend of mine asked if I could help make
some teaching aids for her classroom.
My thoughts went right to Cuddly Cute Designs.

The files I used were:

For the first aid, she wanted a
person that she could cover half of so only one
side. She will have an outline of the
person on the rectangle to illustrate it.
The concept is that we cannot
see the whole person. We have to look
farther to see the whole person.
This will be done with the girl and
sea turtle as well.

How clever is she!

The next aid is a game using the Love You Tons
file. I also added some extra hearts for
spots on the board to advance through the game. The idea
is to get the baby and mother elephant
together by answering the concepts
In this picture, I created hearts with
 first grade Dolch sight words.
The board would be able to be used for any concept
by just using different concepts for the hearts.
Little placeholders will be used to mark the spots
as they work through the game.

I made the board using chipboard and
using in a spray adhesive to adhere the
background paper to the chipboard. An inch
spine was added to the middle so the game board
could be closed for storing.

Have a great beginning of your 2018-2019 school

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Zoo Book

I have an awesome book project for you today.

The files I used are:
and various images from Cricut Design Space
to complete the book.

The pages are 6 x 12 inches with 5 x 11 inches
patterned paper mats.
I added buttons, ribbons, and flowers to bling it up.

I had a lot of fun making this book for you and hope
you enjoy it.