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Saturday, February 17, 2018

You're Pearfect!

Attention Kadoodle Bug Fans:

You're PEARfect!!!

We love our Kadoodle Bug Fans.
You are all the best!!

Today I made some shaped cards using the file

  1. Ungroup the pieces
  2. Duplicate the base piece
  3. Move the duplicated piece away from the other pieces
  4. Duplicate it again
  5. Flip that piece
  6. Insert a square that you have turned to a rectangle
  7. With the duplicated pieces, move them a bit apart so when they are folded on to each other, they can do so freely without their sides folding over the other (See the picture of the part circled blue).
  8. Weld the rectangle to the duplicated pieces.
  9. Insert and attach a score line vertically in the center of the newly formed piece.
  10. Fold in half at the scoreline.
  11. Glue pieces to the folded piece.

This can be applied to any file you wish to use.

Have fun crafting!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Little Love Bugs!

Today I have more cuteness for you.

Little Love Bugs is a new file from 
Kadoodle Bug Designs. 

When I was little my mom had some China dolls that had bobbleheads.
I can remember making the heads bounce.
When I saw the Little Love Bugs file, I
could see their heads bobbling up and down and around like
my mom's dolls did.

I cut to black pieces (used to glue the pieces on) of the boy and girl.
I glued the head on one and cut the rest off that I didn't glue on. For the girl I cut two the hair pieces and glued them to the back piece also.
I put a Wobble Spring on the back of their heads and attached them to the back pieces.

(I apologize for the sideways video. I am not great with videos yet.)

I added ink to the edges, Stickles to some parts, and 3D foam squares for more dimension. 

The Wobble springs could be used on many of the Kadoodle Bug Design files.
Can't wait to see what you create. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Wheelie Love You!!!

I have a cute little hamster that is full of love
to share with you.

I used the Wheelie Love You file
recently released by Kadoodle Bug Designs.

I took the wheel the hamster is in and turned it
into a shaker. I cut the red ring 6 times with red cardstock
(you could use chipboard and cut it fewer times) and once out of red glitter cardstock. I then cut the white part a snitch bigger out of acetate to cover it so the Sequins would stay in it. I put the acetate between the regular cardstock and the acetate. 
I used Red and Turquoise (to coordinate with the background paper) sequins for the stuff to
shake in the shaker. The rest of it I made as I 
usually do with glue, 3D foam squares, Stickles and Ink for the edges.

Can't wait to see what you make with this cute file.

Friday, January 26, 2018

It is time for a snowball fight

Here in central Utah, we finally got some snow.
Not sure how long it will last so any snow play
needs to happen.

Today I have a two-page layout using the 

I made them all in hues of blue to create the cold look of winter.
The background paper is from the
Violet Leaf Stack from DCWV,
I inked the edges, added 20 mm eyes, and used
3D foam dots to add dimension.

Stay safe on the roads while shopping
for your craft supplies (and other times too).

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Love A Monster! (a cute one)

Today I have a cute bundle from The Dreaming Tree.

This is called Love A Monster Bundle.

Dreaming Tree has really cute 3D projects.
Their files come with video instructions on how to make them.

I used Stickles, Inks, Gems, Liquid Perfect Pearls and 3D foam dots to
add sparkle and dimension. 
I also embossed the card bases with embossing folders 
from Anna Griffin
If you don't want to make them yourself, you can message me
to order your project complete
(Prices below pictures).

Complete set of box and 4 cards

 Showing the slit at the top of the box
where Valentines will go in. The box is
approximately 4"x6" deep and 7" high.

Box alone

4 cards alone


Complete bundle with one set of cards: $12.00
Box alone: $7.50
Cards alone: $7.50
Additional sets of cards: $5 each through 4 sets then
$4 set for more
(Shipping extra)

Remember these are all handmade and embellished.
(Colors may vary. The color of the
monster on the box can be your choice.)

Friday, January 19, 2018


Kadoodle Bug Designs continue
to make the cutest files.

Today I used the files 

I combined the 2 files to make a cute scrapbook layout.
There enough pieces to make a two-page layout if you wanted too.