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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Let It Grow card with cascade card base and first attempt at using ebrush.

For this cute card I used my Cricut Explore Air and cutting files from two different sites. For the cute duck, water, rocks, and clouds a used the Let it Grow file for Kadoodlebug designs found here: . I used plain cardstock I had on hand to make it. I attached text to one cloud and used crayon markers in my Explore pen holder to write the words.I shadded it with my ebrush from Craftwell. Here is a link for the Amazon price: . However, if you decide to get one, be sure to shop around. I didn't pay near this when I got mine. It was a while ago though. I used Spetrum Noir markers for the ink. They work great in the ebrush.
The cascade card base is from Dreaming Tree: . I only used the cascade part of the Dove Cascade Card in the Cascade Card Bundle. I simply hid the parts of the card that I didn't want to use.
(This is an affiliate link. You don't have to order through this link but if you do, I will get a part of the money for any file(s) you buy to make more things to share with you.)