Friday, September 9, 2016

Christmas Explosion Box

Note: If I were to do this again, I would make the Pine and Holly smaller.

1. Cut the Design Space file using paper of your choice.
2. Shade the edges. I used Pebbles Chalks but you could us other mediums.
3. Fold lid using a bone folder: (there are scored marks made by the Cricut)
    a) Fold in half from opposite corners, making triangles . Unfold.
   b) Fold each corner into the center. Unfold.
   c) Fold each side in parallel to the center.
   d) After all four sides have been folded in and creased, unfold two opposite sides and carefully cut along the fold lines to the center square.
   e) Lift up the two uncut sides and fold the flaps in to form the sides.
   f) Then lift the remaining sides up and over and the outer tips should meet in the center forming another "X".
   g) Add glue to flaps to keep it secure.
4. Fold box using a bone folder: (there are scored marks made by the Cricut).
   a)Fold in thirds both ways, The folds will make a tic tac toe shape.
   b) Unfold and fold opposite corners making an X.
   c) Then carefully pull back the edge from the scored line and align the score line with the folded edge .
   d) Be careful to avoid getting an odd crease or pucker in the fold.
   e) Put the bone folder straight back to have the tip in the corner and then pull it out on the diagonal.
   f) When you have done that to all four corners, it should look like the fourth picture.

Look at the placement of pieces on the file so you can see how they go.
5. The large and small rectangles go together to make a pocket that holds the tag.
6. The triangles get glued on two sides to hold the light bulb tag after you have glued the two light bulb pieces together.
7. The strings of Christmas lights get glitter glued on the bulbs and then glued diagonally across the trees.
8. Make the holly leaves by gluing the tabs in the center of the leaves. It will make a curl in them.
9. The pine needled are rolled tightly around.
10. Glue the holly and pine on the lid.
11. The berries get glued in the slit making them puff up.
12. Glue berries on holly and pine.
13. Glue the letters together. They spell NOEL.
14. Glue solid triangle to starred triangle and glue in corners of the box.
15. Enjoy.

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