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Friday, August 19, 2016

It's Cold Outside Cards from Dreaming Tree

I totally love this set of cards from Dreaming Tree. 
 The cardstock is some plain colored cardstock I had in my stash. I didn't have White glitter cardstock so I sprayed adhesive on the trees and snowflakes on the Winter Woodland card and sprinkled white glitter on it. The glitter on the Peppy Penguin card hats I did by putting them through the Xryon (didn't have spray adhesive at the time) top facing the sticky, dipped them in glitter then put back through the Xyron with non-glitter side to the sticky. Presto! Glittered cardstock. The inking on the edges was done with my ebrush and Spectrum Noir markers.
I got my ebrush from Craftwell. Here is a link for the Amazon price: . However, if you decide to get one, be sure to shop around. I didn't pay near this when I got mine. It was a while ago, though. I used Spectrum Noir markers for the ink. They work great in the ebrush.
I used foam dots the add dimension.
Years ago we all had the craze of having to use an embellishment we called"Skittles." They were little round plastic pieces. I think they were really just the filler that some people use to help flowers stand up in flower arrangments. I colored some red and purple and added them to the Christmas Village cascade card.
The Winter Woodland is designed to put a tea light in so it illuminates it. 
 Leo from Dreaming Tree recommends to light his projects up but you can use whatever battery-powered light you'd like.

 He also has YouTube videos to show you how to make his projects.


 Dreaming Tree It's Cold Outside files can be found:
(This is an affiliate link. You don't have to order through this link but if you do, I will get a part of the money for any file(s) you buy to make more things to share with you.)
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