Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stingy Jack's Halloween Lantern #1

This lantern, Stingy Jack's Halloween Lantern #1 can be for more than one holiday. The bottom two pictures show a Christmas version next to a Halloween version. I believe Leo at Dreaming Tree has plans for other holidays as well.

There is a free download for the printed Christmas vellum panels.

The cut file is made so the top and bottom are held together with tabs. It also gives you the option to leave one of the panels off so you can easily put in and take out the tea light.

The paper is black, green and grey card stock. The red glittery paper is from Creating Memories. The colors are printed on vellum. The file comes with orange but you can use a computer program such as Photo Shop (or others) to change its color. OR you could print on plain vellum and use a tea light that changes colors. I inked the edges and random areas on the grey paper of the panels with black ink. The red paper is inked with Titanium ink.

 He also has YouTube videos to show you how to make his projects.

You can either set it on a table or the file has a paper hanger to allow you to add string and hang it up. 

 Here is the link to order your file. The Dreaming Tree is a young company but is gradually adding more and more files. As I make them, I will share them with you. This is an affiliate link. You don't have to order through this link but if you do, I will get a part of the money for any file(s) you buy to make more things to share with you. 


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