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Monday, March 31, 2008

MOLD MOLD MOLD and MORE MOLD! Please no more motels!

On March first we had to leave our home due to mold. It seems (although the insurance company and others can't agree) that our roof had damage and allowed water into our home without knowing. When we discovered it, our ceiling in our kitchen was sagging with water and mold had filled one wall. What a mess! We had to leave the home for health reasons so it could be taken care of. I am severely allergic to mold as well as my mother who lives with us. We stayed in a motel for 18 days. The bill was $4000. The repairs for the home are about $7500 not including the repairs for the roof. and the insurance would not pay for motel and not even half of the repairs. We had the mold removed so we could move home but the repairs are not finished. Somehow we have to work through repairing them on our own. Removing the mold cost $2400. Here are a few pictures of the mold damage. There are more pictures to more damage other places on the roof but I don't have access to them at this time. We also had to have an exterminator to get rid of mice there were attracted by the water. YUCK!
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